Asbestos Gaskets

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Common Types of Asbestos Gaskets include:

Asbestos rope gaskets: Soft rope woven from white asbestos fibers could be made into a fireproof gasket of almost any size and shape, offering a flexible solution for sealing the doors of boilers, furnaces and ovens. The loose binding of the mineral fibers, however, makes the associated exposure risk particularly severe.


Asbestos oval gaskets: This type of gasket combines soft asbestos material with a wire insert that gives it shape and extra strength.


Asbestos spiral wound gaskets: This sophisticated type of gasket is made from concentric layers of metal and asbestos. This product’s design is extremely strong, but it still leaves nearly pure asbestos fibers exposed to the open air.


Asbestos sheet gaskets or sheet packing: To mass produce asbestos gaskets for standardized parts, manufacturers pressed asbestos and other fibers into a firm, cardboard-like sheet, from which they could punch out gaskets of all shapes. Many installation workers also manually cut sheet packing to size for individual parts.

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