KingBolt Steel Co Limited Designs, Manufactures, assembles, delivers, installs and commissions potable and clear water treatment plants for domestic or industrial use. These plants can be supplied as containerized, skid mounted or modular units. The plants are designed according to the Client’s needs and for a larger range of flows. They are typically from as small as 2.5m3/hr up to 200 m3/hr.

River, dam or borehole water is treated to international standards using conventional treatment and filtration processes. The design of the treatment plants offers flexible capability and capacity to deal with varying raw water quality.

The plants and their components are designed to be containerized and/or ‘modular’ in design. This ensures superior quality in the manufacture and assembly at our workshops, ease of transport and quick, simple installation. The plant is also secure and can be installed on a concrete base or prepared lay-down area.

Where possible the plants and components are designed to fit in or be of equivalent size to standard shipping containers, making them easy to transport and handle. The plants can be transported to remote areas or re-located as and when required.

The package water treatment plants are designed to operate 365 days per year with an availability of 100%. The plants can be fully automated or manually operated plant by means of daily operator input.

The conventional plant incorporates flocculent dosing, in-line mixing, clarification, sand filtration and disinfection (chlorination) treatment processes. The dosing pumps are typically positive displacement type with mechanical diaphragm and chemical make-up is batch prepared where dry chemicals shall be prepared in tanks with a minimum 24hr cycle. The tanks are equipped with mixers, make-up and injection connections. A flocculation chamber with over-and-under baffles providing specific retention times and velocities. The flocculation chamber is incorporated upfront of the Prosan-Tech proprietary lamella settlers and forms part of the same structure.

Settling is done by parallel plates (lamella) settler which is a KingBolt Steel proprietary design. These settlers are modular and offer a small surface areas and footprints to aid in the reduction in size of the overall plant. The lamella packing is typically of plastic inclined tube design. The filters are fed by centrifugal filter feed pumps (suction from the buffers tanks and discharge to the filters).

Reinforced fiber pressure sand filters are supplied and are typically housed in the filter container. The filter back washing sequence is controlled.

Flow meters are supplied at the inlet and outlet of the plant. Pressure gauges are supplied at the pumps, on the inlet and on the backwash line. A flow switch is provided in the inlet line to operate the start/stop of the dosing equipment.

A pressure switch is provided in the filter supply line (after the filter pumps) as an alternate control to the start of the backwash sequence. Pipe work is typically PVC. The fitting shall be glued on site.

A wall mounted electrical panel is supplied with low voltage, contractors, control voltage and earth leakage.

KingBolt Steel Co Limited is also a supplier of reverse Osmosis Plants and equipment. Reverse Osmosis Equipment is often supplied together with complete plants in applications where very high quality water is required.

We include operation and maintenance manuals and operator training with commissioning of the plants.

A standard 12-month warrantee of the plant(s) and all equipment is applicable from date of commissioning of the plant.

Principal Area of Expertise:

Sewage Treatment Works & Equipment

Water treatment works & Equipment

Pump pipelines & station

Submerged membrane bioreactors

Scope of equipment & services:

Total turnkey projects from process

Design, through to fabrication, installation,

Commissioning and maintenance.


    • Compact and portable
    • Self-contained
    • Designed to treat river, well, pond, or lake water, etc
    • Steel or stainless steel construction ·
    • Fast and easy set-up


  • Economical; save on civil work costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Treated water quality to WHO standards
  • Modular design; perfect for future expansion requirement
  • Economical to operate, low electrical power consumption
  • High level of automatic operations available optionally including: Auto Backwash, Auto Ph control, Auto sterilization
  • Involving either Chlorination UV Sterilization Ozonation

To supply the population with good-quality drinking water is a pressing world-wide problem.

Especially in geographically remote areas of the world highly developed treatment plants for drinking water are becoming increasingly necessary.

Virtually non-existent road-networks and climatically unfavourable conditions in some areas hamper the erection of conventional water treatment plants considerable. Furthermore, an economical supply of the population with drinking water is often delayed through extremely high expenditures for site-facilities, assembly and transportation of construction materials, or through an unduly long period of erection by unskilled site-and assembly workers.

Quick help, therefore, often goes hand in hand with problems which sometime are impossible to overcome if such unfavorable conditions prevail and conventional water treatment plants are erected.

KingBolt Steel has, therefore, aimed at developing a system for water-treatment plants which offer the following advantages:

  1. Short period of delivery
  2. Minimal on-site construction
  3. Suitable for many purpose
  4. As far as possible independent of different raw-water compositions
  5. If necessary independent of the electricity supply
  6. It should be possible to erect such plants in nearly inaccessible areas
  7. Simple to handle
  8. If required transportation, therefore it should not necessarily be confined to one area
  9. The same service life as conventional plants
  10. No problems in the supply of chemicals for treatment.

The effort made to comply with the above points have resulted in

A combination of various lines of course possible, up to a capacity of max.

1000m3/h (=equiv. to a water supply for 10,000 people)

KingBolt Steel: Identical for all sizes.

Raw water flocculation (usually with Alum-Sulphate). The flocks which are formed during this step are removed through sedimentation on a specially designed filted plate separator KINGBOLT STEEL MULTISED. Therefore the preclarified water is cleaned in pressured filters and chlorinated for sterilizing. After finishing this physical-chemical treatment step, the water complies with the requirements for drinking water according to the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations.

If the raw water is extremely polluted, it is advisable to integrate a further treatment step anthracite filtering.

Furthermore, if the raw water has an extremely high salt content, e.g brackish water, the KINGBOLT reverse osmosis-unit can be installed which is able to reduce the amount of salt to such an extent that it complies with the requirements for drinking water. These plants have been designed to use as little electricity as possible. If there is no suitable supply of electricity available it can be substituted by diesel generators.

The KINGBOLT-System combines a modern, flexible technology of water-treatment, easy handling and a low maintenance technique with high economy of operation and quick availability. This system is based on standardized basic-units which are assembled ready for operation at the manufacturer’s works. After carrying out the resp. trial runs the basic-units are made up in transportable units. The most common dimensions of pallets used for air transportation resp. At the destination these units are fixed to the prepared foundation and connected with the provided distribution framer or joint-system.

Therefore, the water-treatment plants can be put into operation only few days after arrival of the units on the site.

KINGBOLT water treatment plants can be used for the following purposes:

Water and drinking water treatment from all kinds of ground and surface water

Mechanical purification of water, e.g. process water recycling-scale water

Softening or demineralization by installing additional filters

Mobile drinking water supply to remote, less densely population areas-the plant is fixed to a lorry.

For irrigation systems.


High reliability through fix installed standby – pumps

Low running cost due to low power consumption and easy maintenance

Simple operated – only one handle has to be moved for filter back washing

(the backwash velocity is higher than the operating velocity)

Corrosion proof –all parts are sand blasted and protected by a3 – ply coating

Short period of delivery

Short erection time

Long service life

Standardized module units-easy to extend

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