Our products include:

  1. Cast Steel Valves,
  2. Cast Iron Valves,G.1 Pipes,
  3. Ductile Pipes and Fittings
  4. Seamless Pipe Fittings and Stainless Pipe Fittings
  5. Polish Stainless Pipes and Fittings
  6. Flanges,
  7. Forged Valves and Fittings-3000LBS,
  8. Pressure Gauges, PTFE Packing,
  9. Special Valves,
  10. Butterfly Valves,
  11. Cast Iron Non Return Valves,
  12. Cast Iron Strainer,
  13. Cast Iron Foot Valves,
  14. Hydrant Valves,
  15. Vicking Johnson Coupling,
  16. Vicking Johnson Adaptor and a host of others,
  17. Stainless Steel Water Tank
  18. Stainless Treatment Plant
  19. Reverse Osmosis,
  20. Alkaline Ioniser.

The various products, as mentioned above, are available in all sizes, and their prices are competitive. Should you find them desirable, please call the number below.

+234 9099 545399

Note: Aside supply, we equally carry out installations.